We are happy to offer our Clients market research for healthcare industries – from study design, recruitment, moderation, as well as analysis and reports.

Our moderators and researchers offer their reporting services. These include debriefing calls as well as written reports (from short one-page summaries to extensive 50-page full reports). Our reports might include thematic or keywords analysis, or focus on cultural and language references. Thanks to our local knowledge and deep understanding of the local societies, behavioral and cultural norms and references, we are able to provide you additional professional insights from the research sessions.

Apart from qualitative analysis, we might also help with establishing databases and calculating descriptive as well as more advanced statistics for your research results. Based on the outcomes, we provide you with reports in local languages or in English, depending on your needs.

Our local moderators are also available for debriefing sessions to help you understand the achieved results. During such sessions, you might see the presentation of the results or simply, discuss the core issues with our moderators. All our staff members are bilingual, which means we can always assist you in our local language and in English.