Online communities

With our vast experience in international qualitative medical studies, we can offer a variety of market research methodologies.

Market Research Online Communities (MROCs) are similar to what we know as forum or social media groups gathering people of similar experience, interest or attitudes. When used for market research purposes, MROC allows for interaction between researchers and respondents.

Using various online platforms dedicated specially to online communities or simply, social media applications, it is possible to share pictures, videos, record voice messages and ask respondents to answer the questions given. Most importantly, respondents can introduce their responses and reactions at any time during the day, which makes their participation comfortable and efficient.

Our recruiters make their best to provide our clients with communicative respondents who feel confident with the newest technology to make their participation full and provide most valuable insights. Our moderators, in turn, facilitate the discussions and engage the respondents to interact and share their opinions and perceptions.

Most importantly, MROC offers unique flexibility and is suitable both for short- and long-term studies. Depending on the research objectives, the format of the input as well as the respondents’ profiles or engagement might change. Also, online communities allow for natural observation of group interactions, roles and development. These features make MROC an extremely valuable research method in case of all market research studies for the healthcare industry.