We are happy to offer our Clients market research for healthcare industries – from study design, recruitment, moderation, as well as analysis and reports.

In Stratega, we offer the collection of the highest-quality data in the processes of concept or devices testing, UX testing as well as ad and campaign messages testing. We have already worked with pharmaceutical and medical companies wishing to test their mobile applications, technological innovations, but also support their clinical trials with anonymous surveys or interviews with patients and physicians.

Our fieldwork portfolio includes mainly qualitative studies. We specialize in focus groups (both in facility and online) as well as individual in-depth interviews (run online, via telephone or in person). We have also moderated online communities of patients using various platforms or social media applications and coordinated bulletin boards or online diaries of patients.

Our experience in various methodologies makes us a trusted partner in nearly all kinds of market research for the healthcare industry. We offer extensive geographical coverage including nearly all European countries: United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain but also Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary and many others. Our local recruiters use their knowledge on the markets to find the most relevant respondents for your study.