About us

Proactivity, responsiveness, and professionalism.

We take our motto very seriously. It’s all about attitude and responsibility. We do our best to understand our clients’ needs and expectations. Having worked in this industry for years, we know what is crucial for a project to be called a success. Our bilingual team and previous experience of work in international multi-market research projects guarantee good communication, professional client service, and efficient project management.
Above all, our widespread coverage allows our clients to reach nearly all European countries with just one point of contact – Stratega. Also, we conduct qualitative healthcare market research focused on various medical specialties and patients. Having such feasibility, we are able to address the majority of marketing goals you might have.

  • Comprehensive market research services – set-up, recruitment, moderation, translation, and reporting – all in one place!

  • European countries covered by one project management
  • Vast experience in market research for the healthcare industry
  • Verified databases including patients and specialists
  • Moderators and recruiters trained as regards adverse events reporting
  • Bilingual team
  • Competitive prices
  • Fully-equipped I-view facility in the capital city of Poland
  • Experience in international, multi-market projects


Lukasz Wdowiak
Lukasz WdowiakBusiness Development Director
Lukasz has 20 years experience in market research as both project manager and moderator. Lukasz has managed projects of up to 40 markets and worked with all types of large international clients at all seniority levels. Lukasz holds a Master’s degree in Applied Market and Social Research from the University of Westminster and has completed multiple courses with Market Research Society in London and EphMRA. Lukasz is a member of the Polish Association of Market Research and ESOMAR
Izabela Remba
Izabela RembaBusiness Director
Izabela has 15 years experience in market research. She has a background in project management and moderation having completed MRS course in moderation in London she worked as researcher across many therapy areas in healthcare.
Ola Gajdala
Ola GajdalaResearch Manager
Ola joined our company with over 15 years of market research experience, splitting that time as part of both research and fieldwork teams. Her previous experience includes, inter alia, a role as a Field Consultant at an international Healthcare Fieldwork Agency, Researcher and Quality Control Manager in multinational research projects run by IEA, OECD and Ministry of National Education. Ola holds a Master’s degree in Ethnography from Lodz University and Postgraduate Diploma in Pharmacoeconomics, HTA, Pharma Marketing and Law from Warsaw University of Technology as well as Human Resources Management from Lodz University of Technology.