Facility Management

We are happy to offer our Clients market research for healthcare industries – from study design, recruitment, moderation, as well as analysis and reports.

i-view is an internationally known viewing facility offering the highest-quality service in London and Warsaw. Located in the strategic parts of the cities, surrounded by well-known landmarks and in the close vicinity of public transport.

Our facilities include full HD audio and video recording and video streaming in all rooms. Additionally, we also offer UX lab equipment and software, eye tracking and neuromarketing. i-view offers a test kitchen as well, being the only fully-equipped test kitchen in Warsaw. Our testing room includes all basic kitchen fittings such as a fridge and a freezer, dishwasher, an electric hob and oven, a microwave as well as plenty of cupboards, dishes, cutlery and other kitchen equipment. All of these make all taste or UX tests for FMCG efficient and professional.

The viewing rooms include full-length one-way mirrors. Both our studios are beautifully furnished and decorated and allow viewing for up to 15 people. Also, we offer a large workshop room with the capacity of 50 respondents. Both viewing rooms include client’s rooms – equipped in minibars, high-quality sound system and international multi-plug sockets.