We are happy to offer our Clients market research for healthcare industries – from study design, recruitment, moderation, as well as analysis and reports.

Stratega’s team includes professionals trained in setting up, conducting and analyzing the results of individual and group discussions. Our moderators have undertaken numerous adverse events training’s and moderate individual in-depth interviews (face to face, by phone as well as using online platforms), focus groups (in our modern facility in Warsaw, and online) or online communities.

Previous experience in moderating sessions with physicians and patients make our moderators are particularly attentive to sensitive issues covered during interviews. Our moderators’ high interpersonal skills combined with market research experience make them invaluable members of any research project. Additionally, all of our moderators are bilingual, with immense experience in international medical market research projects, which make them understand the procedures and requirements of research for the healthcare industry.

Stratega moderators also offer their assistance as regards debriefing or written summaries from the conducted interviews. Their analysis and reports might significantly facilitate the research process and make it more time-effective. They are also available for the client’s researchers to offer their comments on any language-specific insights or generic conclusions from the discussions. Our experience in moderating international medical studies makes us understand the clients’ needs and expectations as regards the research processes.