We are happy to offer our Clients market research for healthcare industries – from study design, recruitment, moderation, as well as analysis and reports.

In Stratega we specialize in effective recruitment of patients as well as healthcare professionals. Established and verified databases allow us for an efficient recruitment process and beginning the fieldwork as soon as possible. What we care most are the relationships with our respondents – we take care of their satisfaction and thus, guarantee the highest quality of insights that they provide during their interviews or in surveys.

Stratega offers recruitment services as regards all methodologies – qualitative and quantitative. Our recruiters have vast experience in looking for healthcare specialists and patients and thus, are able to consult the screening criteria to adjust them to local reality. We help to schedule the respondents, keep track of the fieldwork schedule, take care of the pre tasks as well as invitations or online meetings links. We are also there for you if you need to contact the respondents – our recruiters are always willing to offer their help in respondents management at all stages of your project.

The variety of specialties covered by the professionals cooperating with Stratega allows us to realise market research in various fields. We have worked with GPs, immunologists, cardiologists, neurologists, surgeons, nurses of various specialties and many others.Thanks to diverse previous experience, we are constantly expanding our databases and feasibility in all European countries.