The variety of market research methodologies we use allow us to address the most common marketing questions, issues and goals.

AD TESTING is a basic tool to evaluate if the advert is consistent with the objectives of client’s marketing strategy. As a result, it might show the direction in which you should go with your campaign. But, it can also indicate the potential customers’ perceptions, reflections or preferences. And all of these BEFORE your campaign is launched! This prevents brands from inadequate concepts and ineffective campaigns.

How does it work?

An advertising agency shows to the client approximately three concepts or ad versions to develop. Performing the ad testing at this stage ensures that the developed concept is the most relevant. As a result, the funds spent for advertising space or airtime are more likely to bring the expected results. Such strategy is worth the effort because the costs of the basic marketing research are relatively small in comparison with the costs of the campaign.

Research methods we use allow the evaluation of advertising in any format, and at any stage of preparation. We use sessions of brainstorming, but also test storyboards, finished ads, different versions of key visuals and images used in visual ads, lecturers, video and sound ads.
We cooperate with advertising agencies and advertisers interested in the highest quality and effectiveness of their advertising. We perform audits of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, we identify the best advertising channels and we also indicate how much memorized the advertising message was.