Depth interviews

With our vast experience in international qualitative medical studies, we can offer a variety of market research methodologies.

Individual in-depth interviews allow for flexibility and complexity at the same time. Semi-structures scripts usually allow moderators to follow the respondents, thanks to which we are able to achieve natural responses and observe spontaneous reactions.

In-depth interviews might be organized in-person – in the field, for instance, the patient’s home or in our viewing facilities. Depending on the research objective and the target audience, we can adjust the interview’s timing and place to the research and respondents’ needs. In the case of physicians, it is also possible to conduct interviews in their offices or hospitals where they work. This makes the environment and conditions as comfortable and natural as possible.

Depth interviews are also realized via telephone or online. This is especially efficient when we aim at talking to a larger group of people or for some reasons, it is not possible for a patient or a physician to meet with us face-to-face. The platforms we use and our previous experience in realizing online interviews and group discussions enable us to create an informal and pleasant atmosphere despite being far away from each other.

Usually, interviews are recorded and transcribed or analysed by the researchers and presented to a Client in a report or presentation.