Focus groups

With our vast experience in international qualitative medical studies, we can offer a variety of market research methodologies.

Focus group interviews usually involve from 4 to 6 people gathered together to discuss some of their behaviors and opinions, unmet needs or perceptions as regards the presented concepts or ads. Focus groups, therefore, guarantee vivid discussions and mixed opinions stimulated by other respondents.

Our moderators, all trained as regards adverse events reporting, conduct the sessions using discussion guides and sometimes also stimulus prepared by the client to be tested during the sessions. Sometimes it is possible for the moderators to just focus on the research objectives and have no previously-prepared questions to be asked.

All groups are audio- and video- recorded thanks to which we might share the raw results with the client or prepare transcripts and/or detailed reports from the sessions. It is also possible for a simultaneous translator to observe the session and provide live translation for the client.

Focus group sessions can be held in one of our fully-equipped viewing facilities or online. We always make sure that our viewing facilities provide respondents and clients with comfortable and private conditions to discuss.

Our vast experience related to working with online groups guarantees efficient and professional respondents and platform management. Our recruiters and moderators take care of our respondents during the process – provide them with invitations and links, help connect to the platform, assist them during the sessions. Thanks to this we are able to establish a relaxed atmosphere with no technological interference.